Hearing Loss for Those in a Profession

August 10, 2017

Are you in a profession and rely on your hearing?  This is certainly one of the reasons to have Disability Income Insurance early!

Hearing loss is one of the most common disabilities and it is also one of the most misunderstood and underestimated disabilities.  Often called the “invisible” condition, it is not possible to “see” a hearing loss, but only its effects on communication and behaviour.  These variable effects, depending on the individual and the situation, makes hearing loss such a confusing condition.


It is not a condition that is to be treated casually, with random, misguided and shallow measures taken to improve the effects. Such an approach underestimates the impact that impaired communication can have on a professional’s life and well-being of that person. Given the significance of hearing loss, especially those in a profession, critical care of qualified hearing specialists is required.


80% of people who could benefit from hearing aids do not get them. There are many reasons why people do not seek help for their disability, e.g. the cost of hearing aids being the No.1 inquiry, followed by the advances in technology.


Education and treatment of the hearing loss will overcome the cost barrier but first, make sure you have Disability Income Insurance.

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